1. United States explorer who (with Meriwether Lewis) led an expedition from St. Louis to the mouth of the Columbia River; Clark was responsible for making maps of the area (1770-1838)
Syn: ↑William Clark
Instance Hypernyms: ↑explorer, ↑adventurer
2. United States general who was Allied commander in Africa and Italy in World War II and was commander of the United Nations forces in Korea (1896-1984)
Instance Hypernyms: ↑general, ↑full general
3. United States psychologist (born in Panama) whose research persuaded the Supreme Court that segregated schools were discriminatory (1914-2005)
Instance Hypernyms: ↑psychologist
4. Canadian politician who served as prime minister (1939-)
Instance Hypernyms: ↑politician, ↑politico, ↑pol, ↑political leader

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\\ˈklärk, -ȧk\
now dialect
variant of clerk

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/klahrk/, n.
1. Alvan, 1804-87, and his son Alvan Graham, 1832-97, U.S. astronomers and telescope-lens manufacturers.
2. Champ /champ/, (James Beauchamp), 1850-1921, U.S. political leader: Speaker of the House 1911-19.
3. (Charles) Joseph (Joe), born 1939, Canadian political leader: prime minister 1979-80.
4. George Rogers, 1752-1818, U.S. soldier.
5. John Bates /bayts/, 1847-1938, U.S. economist and educator.
6. Kenneth B(ancroft), born 1914, U.S. psychologist and educator, born in the Panama Canal Zone.
7. Mark Wayne, 1896-1984, U.S. general.
8. Thomas Campbell (Tom), 1899-1977, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1949-67.
9. Walter Van Tilburg /van til"beuhrg/, 1909-71, U.S. author.
10. William, 1770-1838, U.S. soldier and explorer (brother of George R. Clark): on expedition with Meriwether Lewis 1804-06.
11. a male given name: a surname, ultimately derived from clerk.

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I [klärk]
George Rogers (1752 - 1818), American Revolution war leader and frontiersman. He defended the Illinois frontier against the British
Mark Wayne (1896 - 1984), U.S. army officer. He served as chief of staff of the U.S. Army ground forces in 1942 and as UN commander and commander in chief of the U.S. Far East command 1952 - 53. He signed the Korean armistice
Tom Campbell (1899 - 1977), U.S. Supreme Court associate justice 1949 - 67. He was U.S. attorney general 1945 - 49 before being appointed to the Court by President Truman. Considered somewhat conservative, he tended to be more liberal regarding civil rights issues
Wesley (1944 - ), U.S. Army general and politician. A commander in the Vietnam War and the first Gulf War, he served as Commander in Chief, U.S. European Command and Supreme Allied Commander Europe 1997 - 2000 during the Kosovo conflict. In 2004 he ran for the Democratic presidential nomination
William (1770 - 1838), U.S. explorer. With Meriwether Lewis, he commanded an expedition 1804 - 06 across the North American continent

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clark, -ly etc.,
obs. ff. clerk, etc.

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